Our specially designed electric quartz element produces warm radiant infrared energy

• Ideal for garages
• No harmful UV rays
• No tanks to fill
• Easily regulated heat output
• Over 90% energy efficient
• Use indoors or outdoors
• Unaffected by wind
• UL Listed


Why infrared is Better. 

Infrared or radiant energy is the most practical way to add warmth to spaces, indoor or outdoor, where heated air cannot easily be contained and re-circulated. 

A heated quartz element emits a safe, clean wavelength of light that is only absorbed by solid objects, transferring heat directly to your dogs, their bedding and kennel floor rather than heating the air. For this reason, infrared heat can be distributed very evenly, and will not simply "blow away" in windy or drafty conditions. 

The Perfect Kennel Heater medium wave quartz element emits a barely discernible, pleasing glow that will not disturb your dogs or be harmful to their eyes - unlike some short-wave or halogen electric heaters that produce a very harsh bright-colored light.






Lab DogPerfect Kennel Heaters are ideal for a sportsman, breeder, commercial kennel operator, or homeowner’s that are concerned about their dogs exposure to the elements in extreme conditions.

If you are looking for an alternative to a risky unattended gas fired options read on.  Commercial kennels with indoor heating systems will enjoy improved energy efficiency and could reduce their overall heating cost with a safe flame free alternative.

Any breed is fine when active, but when activity stops, or the sun goes down, all dogs need protection from the cold. 

Professional caregivers will tell you, “If it’s uncomfortable for you, it’s uncomfortable for your dogs.”  Younger, older, or any dogs with medical issues are especially vulnerable to serious illness from exposure to cold.  Conditions can be made much more severe with wind or dampness from rain or snow.

• No flames
• No fumes or flammable fuels
• Weatherproof
• Use indoors or outdoors
• Over 90% efficient
• Operates for pennies

Not all dogs get to sleep with the family. Perfect Kennel Heaters are ideal for the breeder, rancher, commercial kennel owner operator, sportsman or home owner that are concerned about their dogs exposure to the elements in extreme conditions and is looking for something better than a risky unattended gas burning heater.  Even well designed larger kennels with indoor heating systems can save on energy cost and produce better heating when it is needed.