Infrared Heater

Our Infrared Design Specialist are available to assist you with the selection of the right product for your particular installation or use.  We can assist commercial operators with highly efficient systems, including zonal controls allowing spot heating for occupied houses only.

Contact us via email or by phone, and we invite you to visit for more product details.

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Lab DogFor decades we have been involved in products designed for enhancing outdoor living. 

For the past several years we have been focused totally on the benefits of Infrared heating.  Our products are found in restaurants, resorts, and residential applications to produce comfortable environments for entertaining and extending the seasons for outdoor living.

About Infrared

Infrared Radiant Energy is the most natural type of heat. Perfect Kennel Heaters duplicate the same type energy and warmth of the sun, without the dangerous ultra violet rays. The visible sunlight is ultraviolet.  The warmth is infrared.  Perfect Kennel Heaters produce warm infrared energy and virtually no visible light making them very soothing, safe and healthy for your dogs. 

Perfect Kennel Heaters
are the result of our passion
for quality dogs and our concern for their care
in harsh conditions. 

Our experience in the design of large custom systems for commercial applications makes us uniquely qualified to configure custom infrared heating system for commercial kennels and boarding facilities that are highly energy efficient, easily controlled, and the safest and most comfortable alternative when caring for your dogs.

There is no reason creating comfortable environments should be more complicated than turning on the lights.  Simply turn a heater on when and where it is needed and off when it is not.  Perfect Kennel Heaters can be connected to simple automated controls that will make them trouble-free and worry-free.  There are no concerns about fumes, fuels or ventilation and no harmful bi-products, just “Pure Warmth.”